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Top 12 Things Men Really Hate Most About Women

These are things that women either know or don’t know that they do. Stay away from these 12 blundering mistakes..
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Women, did you know there are 12 things that you do that man tend to hate most of all? It’s undefined these things that women either know or don’t know that they do. What are these 12 things that women should avoid? They are:

1. Not Sticking to Agreements

When agreements are made, women tend to break them or change them to suit their needs, no matter what the situation is.

2. Keeping Their Feelings

It’s stereotypical to believe women share automatically how they are feeling. Actually, women will hold in their feelings until they are asked often enough that they spill what is on their minds.

3. Try to Change Their Men

Women often understand men but don’t agree with the way they are. Women try to change them to suit their needs or leave them alone completely.

4. Mate Comparison

Women, sometimes unknowingly, compare their current mate to their ex in terms of negative aspects. Comparisons should be made when it's favorable.

5. Belittling His Hobbies

Everyone has a hobby or two that their mate doesn’t like. However, you should never keep them from doing it. Also, never demand that they take an interest in your hobby. The message you send is that your hobbies are much more important than is and that’s not the message you should be sending.

6. Gossiping

While it would seem to stroke the man’s ego, men don’t like women gossiping about them, whether it’s good or bad. It doesn’t matter.

7. Nagging

Men do not like it when a woman constantly nags them about getting things done whether or not it’s with good intentions.

8. Interruption

Believe it or not, a man needs to talk to so it’s best you listen with an open mind and not try to interrupt. Men do not like it when a woman listens but looks impatient to talk too. If you interrupt him with something else not relevant to the current conversation, you could create tension between the both of you.

9. Solution Oriented vs. Conversation Oriented

Men like to get to the bottom of things so don’t get upset if they don’t want to talk for hours about a particular subject.

10. Beauty Conscious

Men do not like it when a woman spends a lot of time looking at herself in the mirror but still looks the same as she always does.

11. Paranoia

Men don’t like it when a woman gets paranoid about the way she looks. If your man doesn’t like the way you look, they wouldn’t be with you.

12. Insecure/Jealously

Believe it or not, men do not like jealousy, even a small bit. This is especially undefined if you are out on a date together and catch their eye wander. You make a wise crack about it. This actually annoys them very much.

If you don’t want to drive your man up the wall, then stay away from these 12 blundering mistakes and work on more positive outlet to keep your man.

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