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Using 4 Simple Steps to Get Him Back

If you notice that the spark is there, your ex will tell you that he’d like a second chance. Don’t act desperate; don’t act needy. Let him be the one to open up.
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When you suffer a breakup, it’s not hard to want those days of fun loving, laughter filled moments with your ex boyfriend to come back. It’s natural to feel that way. However, if you want those days once more, you have to lean how to get him back. It’s possible to do with these four simple steps below.

1. Patience

Remember the phrase, “Patience is a virtue”? You get further ahead when you are patient. Whenever you see your ex in public, wave and possibly say hello. You should never do anything more than that in the beginning. Make sure he knows you are talking to him by catching and keeping his eye contact.

2. Small Talk

When you feel ready to speak with him again, do it occasionally and never for long periods of time. You should never reveal too much of yourself because you still want an air of mystery surrounding you. When you do this, you leave him wondering what is going on in your life. If you are at a social event, speak to him. However, if your friends are nearby, stop the conversation, say excuse me and return to them. When you do this, you let him know that you aren’t at the top of his list but conversing with him was nice. You can flirt too. Just don’t overdo it.

3. Maintain Your Looks

Whenever he sees you, be sure you look and smell your best. You also want to throw in some spice into your looks to keep him on his toes. Before you go out, possibly running into him, put some thought into how you look. Do you have a high opinion for yourself? How do you think he’d see you if you were to run into him? Men are attracted to women who have a high opinion of themselves.

4. Compliment Him

Try complimenting him every now and again but not too much. You want your ex to feel good whenever he is near you. Throw in talk about the good times you both shared. Jog his memory about the positive things in your relationship. Reminisce while you fulfill your goal of getting him back.

It’s important to be friends first. You don’t want to push the matter of getting back together unless you know for sure he is interested in you. If you notice that the spark is there, your ex will tell you that he’d like a second chance. Don’t act desperate; don’t act needy.  Let him be the one to open up. Remember… if it’s meant to be, it will be.

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