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How to Make Your Penis Bigger

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in this article, you will learn how to make your penis bigger with simple exercise
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"Women simply don't care about size."
    "Size does not matter."
    Are these phrases déjà vu to you? Many experts would have you believe that size really isn't such a big issue in sex. I said hogwash. Having a small penis is shameful and humiliating, period. With a small member, you face difficulty to satisfy your woman in bed. If you let this continue, an affair will not be very far behind. Now, you may think that I made this theory up. A recent survey published in Mrpoll.com concluded that 50% of women have refused to have sex or dump a partner because of small penis size. In this article, I am going to introduce an effective method to help you make your member big.

The concept
It is simple workout designed to exercise your penile muscle and tissue to make it bigger, firmer, and healthier. Your penis consists of 40-50% of soft muscle. Like other groups of muscle, it can be enlarged to achieve more strength and mass. When penile tissue is enlarged and expanded via exercise, it will accommodate greater intake of blood to form erection. As a result, it makes your member longer and thicker.
As a beginner, you should start with 6 minute session a day. After a week or two, gradually increase to 10-15 minutes. Remember the "6 minutes rule": no matter how busy you are, you must spend minimum 6 minutes a day to practice the exercise to achieve noticeable gain. If you are not ready to commit, then penis exercise is not for you.
One reminder though: if you practice the exercise regularly, you should observe gain within first few weeks. However, you may hit plateau after the initial growth. In other words, your penile muscle is "used to" the exercise and hence stops growing. At this point, you should increase the frequency and intensity of the workout to break plateau for further growth.

Sample exercise #1: Milking Technique

1.    Gently massage your penis until it is semi erect, and then rub it with generous amount of lubricants (eg. KY Jelly, Nivea Cream, Vaseline). 
2.    Use thumb finger and forefinger of your left hand to make an "OK" grip. Then, use the grip to hold the base of penis. Your palm should be facing your body. Gently push the grip from base to head to force blood flow.
3.    Repeat step 2 with your right hand.
4.    Repeat step 2 and 3 in consistent pressure and tempo.

Sample exercise #2: Towel Raise
1.    Prepare a small towel.
2.    Massage your penis until it is in full erection mode, and then cover it with a towel.
3.    Squeeze your PC muscle. Then, try to lift up the towel. Do it for 20 repetitions.
4.    After weeks of practicing, you should be able to do this exercise easily. Then, slowly increase the weight of the towel. You may add an extra tower or use a larger towel.

Sample exercise #3: Jelqing
1.    Apply fair amount of lubricants over your penis. Gently massage it until semi erect.
2.    Use thumb and pointer finger of your left hand to make OK grip and put it at the base.
3.    Slide the grip outward to rush blood to the tip.
4.    When your left hand reaches the tip, hold the position for 10 seconds.
5.    Repeat step 2-4 with right hands.
6.    Repeat step 2-5 for 25 times.

Sample Exercise #4: Horse Squeeze
1.    Start the exercise with penis warm up session.
2.    Squeeze penile base with your right hand.
3.    Form an OK grip with your left hand. Next, place the OK grip above right hand.
4.    Push the grip over the glans and towards the head. Repeat this step for 20 times.

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