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Free Prepaid Calling Cards Are Not Actually For Free

Prepaid calling cards today are a necessity mostly for people working abroad. Being far from family and friends can be difficult when there is a communication barrier.
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To address this, calling card companies have offered for free calling cards especially during the holidays and other special days. They know the importance to stay connected and get to call to the persons that you longed to talk to.


Free prepaid calling card offers, in the real sense, are not actually for free. You still have to pay for a certain amount, like the transaction fee, in order for you to avail of the free card. With this free card, they say that the rate is lower compared to the usual rates to the country that you wish to call. Well, actually they are not. The per minute rate will then be the same before the card was given out for free. There are hidden charges included in the card aside from the mentioned transaction fee. These are the connection fee, maintenance fee, service fee and other surcharges.


A connection fee refers to the cost when your call is transferred by the calling card carriers to the end party that you are calling. The maintenance fee is the amount that you pay to make sure that the telephone lines are in good condition so that your calls will be transferred and delivered efficiently to your contact person. The service fee is the payment for delivering you card straight in your hand and for activating your prepaid calling card. It is also called the set up cost. Surcharges include the additional cost for using your prepaid calling card with a mobile phone or a public pay phone. Most of the calling card companies impose higher calls for this call.


Common complaints regarding these free prepaid calling cards include the invalid PIN and access number that are provided during the card purchase. It turns out that you cannot enjoy the free card that you acquired. Aside from these invalid numbers, sometimes the access number is busy that you cannot make a call especially when it is important. You can't even access the customer service number whenever you have questions and problems to report. Poor quality connection can be a part of your free calling card. Your calls have jarred voices or cannot go through the other end.


Your free prepaid calling card, when there is an expiration date, may no longer be useful by the time that you need to make a call. Or the card retailer may go out of business that you cannot reach them for complaints and questions.


There's no such thing as free lunch. They just let you think that these prepaid calling cards are for free when actually there is still an amount involve before you can acquire the product. You'll just have to be careful when you avail of the offer because usually there is something in exchange of the free card that you got.

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