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10 Things Guys Hate to Hear From Women

In this article we would talk about the ten things your guys hate to hear from you and the reasons behind it as well.
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Ladies you need to be tactful while to talking to your guys. In this article we would talk about the ten things your guys hate to hear from you and the reasons behind it as well.

1.  When will we meet again?

Please remember that you can not change his mind of not seeing you again if he doesn’t want to. Thus you should be careful before saying this to a guy. If he thinks that “seeing you” is a waste of time then he would never see you again.

2.  I was waiting for your call

You should never make a guy realize that you wait for his calls. He did not call you because he did not want to call you. You should not waste your time thinking the reasons why. If somebody is not making frequent calls to you then this means that you are not always on his mind.

3. Where have you been hanging around?

This question irritates guys a lot. You should never try to make bondage for a guy by asking questions like this. It is his choice he can roam about anywhere without having to inform you. You should not try to be over possessive.

4. I Love You (First)

You should never be in a hurry to say these three words to a guy. You should let him say these words to you naturally. If you initiate things most of the time then you may end up losing him by showing desperateness.

5. Did you sleep with her?

You should not go too deep into one’s past relationship. Right now it really does not matter that he slept with his ex or not. So forget about asking this type of question.

6. I am pregnant

You should never take chances with pregnancy. There are so many things available these days to avoid pregnancy. You should better be careful rather then worrying later on.

7. Where is this going?

Guys prefer taking time in any relationship. So try not to be in a hurry putting him so many questions about the future. You will realize the future by yourself as time passes by slowly.

8. We need to talk

These words sound like there is something wrong going on. When you really want to talk to him about something then just sit and initiate the talk. You should not a give a signal that it is something bothering you for a long time.

9. I hate you

As it is not advisable to say I love you, you should also not say I hate you. You just need to be a bit mature and start avoiding that person if you really are not in a mood of continuing with him any further. It is better to finish things calmly than showing your anger and aggression to another person. By doing so you will leave him confused and wondering about the reasons and would make him realize his mistakes.

10. I don’t trust you

If you really don’t trust the guy then why are still hanging out with him. You should stop wasting your precious time with the guy. Try to be clear of your thoughts. If you are in suspicion then you should try to investigate without saying these words to him otherwise he would become conscious and you would end up knowing nothing.

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