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3 Signs of a Healthy Relationship - Checklist Revealed

Your relationship is healthy if you know how to sort out your differences and settle your conflicts.
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Happiness should be a part of relationship. Yet, this may not always be the case. There will be times you feel down you may fight with your girlfriend or your boyfriend. Even married couples discover that their partners are not the best of the species on this planet. That however, should not discourage you from being engaged in a relationship with someone. There will be times that your love for each other will be tested. In worst cases, you might even experience a breakup.


Even before the outset of a breakup, you should try to look for the three signs of a healthy relationship. These signs will let you know if your relationship is still fine.


The first sign of a healthy relationship is that you are passionate for each other. This means that you are still in love with each other as deeply as when you first met. Being passionate with each other also means that you are enjoying each other’s company. This does not necessarily mean that hardly a day passes by without you seeing each other. There may be times that you will be far from each other. undefined passion, however, is measured by your faithfulness, loyalty and commitment.


Secondly, fighting does not necessarily mean bad if it can settle issues instead of making your partner feeling worse. However some couples may boast that they never fight. You should raise your eyebrows with such pronouncement and ask such couples if they truly know each other and if they are talking with each other. Chances are their answer would be a resounding no.


Don’t worry much if you have differences like most couples. This means that you are transparent and honest with each other. You disclose enough of yourself to generate friction and conflict. If you ever decide to get married, you will need your skills at smoothing out your conflicts and your fights for as long as you stay married.


Lastly, there is no “perfect” relationship. Your relationship is healthy if you know how to sort out your differences and settle your conflicts. But if all you ever do is fight, then something is terribly wrong and breakup is imminent like rain about to fall from an overcast sky.


With these three signs of a healthy relationship, you can gauge your relationship and learn how to prevent breakups and show sincerity between each other.


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