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3 Tips to Stop Your Breakup Before It Happens

There are perhaps a thousand reasons why breakup occurs and relationships failed. But there are a few usual suspects..
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Relationships can be very fragile if not taken care of over the long run. No matter how long you have been together, that is no guarantee that you will be together for all eternity.


Take a look at your relationship and assess whether you still have a healthy one or if you are in a downward spiral leading to a possible breakup. Stop the possible breakup by looking at the signs and do something about it.


There are perhaps a thousand reasons why breakup occurs and relationships failed. But there are a few usual suspects. Take a look at these usual suspects and stop the breakup before it happens.


1. How’s your loyalty to each other? For a lot of couples, unfaithfulness is the number one cause of breakup. Usually guys are the culprit for this. Yet, guys are not the only ones to be blamed for the breakup. A lot of women nowadays also lack the loyalty to the ones that they love. Either way, if the man or the woman fails to be faithful to each other, the relationship is doomed.


2. Are you demanding and domineering? If you are a man or a woman and you have a domineering personally, be careful lest you drive your beloved away. When you assert yourself too much, you might demean your beloved and before long, your relationship will stale and eventually lead to fail. If you want to stop a breakup, then you should ease up and listen to your partner. Every relationship you have is a two-way street; both parties should share equal responsibility. If one partner is left primarily for the health of that relationship, it may work for a while but not for long. Such kind of relationship is doomed to inevitable failure.


3. Are your emotional needs being met by your partner? Feeling the love of your partner is not difficult. You should also ask yourself if you are meeting the emotional needs of your partner. Even you are not the romantic type but you should still consider meeting the needs of your partner. Otherwise, he or she will look elsewhere for the fulfillment of those needs. That will definitely be the starting point of a breakup.


Like they say, “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” By focusing on your needs as partners in a loving relationship, you stop the breakup even before it starts.

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