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What to say to Get Your Ex to Call You Back

Here is an example what to say to get him or her peak their interest.
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What can you do and how do you win your ex back? All you need to do is talk to him or her without any hostility. This can be a little harder than you think because a breakup is quite emotional and very turbulent. However, if you want to talk to your ex, you need a way to keep them interested in calling you again. This can keep you, too, from being desperate and showing your weaker side.


If you need a way to open up the lines of communication again, you should find ways that keep you from a voice conversation. What kind of technology will allow you to do this? You can leave a voicemail messages, send him or her e-mail and text messages too. The best way to get him or her to return your call is to leave a voicemail message. Contacting them by e-mail or text messages generally means they will talk with you the same way. You want them to call you back.


Now you need something to say on his or her voice mail. What you say is just as important on how you say it. You want to catch their interest without giving out too many clues and no idea that you are really wanting to win your ex back. You want to leave a message that doesn’t sound threatening in any way. If you give too many details, you may not get a return call. So what should you say to peak their interest?


“Hey, I’m calling to say hi and see how you been? I wanted to tell you something but I need you to call me back when you get the chance.”


You can change this line up to how you see fit but try not to give your ex too many clues. This type of message does not give an inclination of discomfort or desperation. Remember you need to have an idea what you are going to say to him or her when they call you back. If you want to win your ex back, you don’t want to mess up the return call. Be quite careful on what you say and how you say it.


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