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Making Up: The Science and Magic of Relationships

It would seem like magic if you could win the heart of your loved one back, wouldn’t it? You can get your ex back if you do a little science and some thinking.
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Are you tired of being lonely? Did your boyfriend or girlfriend decide they no longer want to be with you but you want to try and get them back? To you, does this seem like an impossible task that you feel like all your hope is lost. It would seem like magic if you could win the heart of your loved one back, wouldn’t it? You can get your ex back if you do a little science and some thinking.


Try to remember the breakup did not leave you for no reason. There is always some reason so you need to find out what. Make this variable X.  Next you need to subtract X from the equation and put Y in there to find a way to get your ex back. It’s quite simple but can be hard when you need to determine where X and Y go. Listed below are some Xs and Ys scenarios to keep in mind.


Variable Example 1 - Cheating


X – You cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend. While it’s a preference for the person to commit such an act, the end result can be disastrous. However, this sort of thing happens in relationships every day so it’s not really all that uncommon.


Y – By cheating your other half, you betray their trust. You shatter any confidence that your spouse or significant other has in you. It tells them that you are a liar and shouldn’t be trusted. You may as well have ripped out their heart. While it may seem impossible to do, you can recover the relationship so long as you feel sorrow for the things you did to cause the strife. Some people will cheat just to cheat but get back together anyways.


Variable Example 2 - Lack of Enjoyment


X – Sometimes a relationship gets old and stale that there isn’t much more the two people can do to make the other happy. How does this type of breakup happen? It occurs when the couple decides not to enjoy each other’s company and do something else without the significant other. What kind of things can they still do together but choose not to? They can talk a walk on the beach or boardwalk. Go to a club or curl up on the couch, watching some sort of scary movie while eating popcorn. When you decide not to do these things together, you have lost that pure joy that makes a relationship work.


Y – Get your ex back. You both need to remember the times that were exciting together. Don’t just talk about it, relive the experiences. Try to remember those first few days. Wasn’t it fantastic to be in such a zealous relationship? Wasn’t it nice to have someone to call when the world was coming at you or to have them stand beside you no matter what the world through your way? Don’t let your relationship end because it lost the fire.


Variable Example 3 - Lack of Emotional Support


X – Many times a lack of emotional support can end a relationship. If you were the one who got dumped, you were likely the culprit who didn’t show enough affection to your ex. You may not see yourself as giving a lack of emotional support but that’s how it is. There are specific things your partner wants to feel from you. This usually entails how you react to them verbally and visually. Relationships tend to die out if there is no connection on the emotional side.


Y – If you really want to give emotional support, you need to start listening to your other half talk. That doesn’t mean halfway pay attention. It means giving them your undivided attention. By paying attention to them fully, you aren’t tuning out their words or the feelings that he or she is trying to portray in those words. Over time, you’ll have a strong mutual bond with one another that is there when the difficult times hit.


If you want to get your ex back, you need to keep these 3 variables in mind. Remember that there is always an effect to a cause and those simples solutions can keep your significant other near you instead of moving on in life without you. It’s all pretty much like magic.


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