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How To Deal With A Nagging Wife...

Here's how to deal with a nagging wife in a way that creates a big win for you. I'm guessing you've never thought of this before...
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Every so often, a man will come to me and ask, "How do I get my wife to stop griping and nagging at me?"

When I ask him what it is that his wife is complaining about, he'll tell me, "Oh, it's mostly just a lot of "piddly" stuff, things like

* She gripes about the way I dress
* She rides me about the way I talk
* She doesn't like the way I do certain things
* She complains that I'm too sloppy
* She says I need to be more motivated
* She chides me for not standing up for myself the way she thinks I should

Or, it's some chore around the house that she wants me to do that I haven't had time to deal with yet."

With very few exceptions, as I listen to the man describe his wife's griping and nagging it quickly becomes apparent to me...

His wife is trying to help him become a classier, more professional, more successful man!

Any woman worth having wants her man, herself, and any children to have the most significant and meaningful life possible. And, she knows that having such a life is a lot easier if her man is being all that he is capable of being. She also knows that a significant and meaningful life is unlikely if her man operates at a level that's lower than what he's capable of.

So, when a woman sees that her man is not being all that he can be, she'll start griping, complaining, and riding him.

Or, more accurately, she'll start trying to motivate him to be more.

This is not unlike a mother Eagle that builds a nest for her babies that's filled with the softest down and fur. But, as the chicks (usually there are two of them) begin to grow, the mother begins taking out the soft, comfortable lining little by little until there's nothing left but sharp, uncomfortable, sticks and briars. Eventually, it becomes more comfortable for the young eagles to get out of the nest and learn to fly than to stay in the uncomfortable nest.

Here's what I want you to consider... More than likely, your wife is trying to help you. If your wife is like most women, she does NOT enjoy having to nag her husband. But, she does want her husband to be the best that he can be.

In the Bible, we can read the phrase, "Behold, I set before you a blessing and a curse."

It's your option to view your wife and her nagging as a curse. Or, you can realize that your wife is trying to be a blessing to you.

Is there something that your wife regularly harps about?

If so, consider it carefully. Consider where, what, and how it is that you can enhance and improve yourself as a man. Consider what it is that your wife is telling you that can benefit you and your entire family if you'll but listen and act upon what it is she's saying.

Here's what I can tell you... The men with the happiest, most sexual marriages make their wife's griping and nagging go away by using what she has to say as a driving force that motivates them to improve, grow, and expand into a more powerful, more influential, more successful man.

That reminds me of the old saying, "Behind every great man is a great woman." Dare I say that there would be a lot more great men if there were more men who would use what their wife has to say to them to fire them up in a positive direction?


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