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Single Biggest Reason Men Leave a Relationship - How Women Can Keep Their Men

Did you realize that many men breakup with their girlfriends because they don’t feel they can make their girl happy anymore?
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Did you used to laugh at the silly things your boyfriend would do to make you happy?  When did you stop laughing?  When did you start getting irritated?  What changed?  Did you realize that many men breakup with their girlfriends because they don’t feel they can make their girl happy anymore?

Men aspire to be needed. That means men want to know they are doing or fixing something that will get them appreciated later on. When that effort is squandered on a girl that used to laugh at the childish puns that now only brush off the jokes in irritation, a guy is going to feel insecure. Men want to be the Alpha and Omega of the relationship: the protectors; the caregivers; the breadwinners; and, most importantly, the laugh and happiness bringers. The man’s mental compilation consists of these factors and when they fail, they lose confidence in themselves.

If your boyfriend, husband, or fiancé leaves you for a trivial reason (maybe they feel you don’t know what you want in life), perhaps you need to take a step back and think about what changed in your relationship. When you first started out your relationship and you got jealous over him keeping in contact with his ex-girlfriend, you fought and argued. Yet, you still made it through because in the end you realized he made you happy and notice that he stuck through that phase, too. 

When he lost his job after you were just married and you had to work to support both of you, he started cleaning the apartment so you would be appreciative of his efforts. Were you happy with him then? He stayed with you because he knew that he could do anything to make you happy. However, you take that happiness away and he’s most likely going to find someone who he can make happy.

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