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How to Determine If Your Ex Still Loves You

Determining his feelings for you could be complicated because he may be confused about how he really feels. Learn how he sees you by following the following technique.
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Some feelings just don’t go away and you know you’re still in love with your ex, but how do you know if he still loves you?  Determining his feelings for you could be complicated because he may be confused about how he really feels. However, you can learn how he sees you by following the following technique:

A Bit on the Emotional scale

There exists a line with varying degrees of relationship status between exes. You have one and so does your ex. One side shows apathy, the other shows the extreme feelings of hate and love. Imagine your ex’s line and all the people he dated and how he felt about them. Where do you stand on that line?

How to Determine Your Position on His Line

If it’s been a couple weeks after you hear from your ex and he hasn’t tried to contact you, it’s pretty obvious that you are under the indifferent side of the scale. What about when he’s called or has text you just to see how you’re doing or if you’re busy some night.  Those kinds of questions can determine where you stand versus his other exes.

He may have told you he just wanted to be friends and he’ll still call you to invite you to a party or just to hang out but how does he act when you’re together in those situations?  Does he punch you in the arm like a good ole buddy and convince you to have a belching contest? Or does he treat you how he did when you first started dating: with respect and tender touches that show he still cares? Pay attention to these scenarios and you may just be able to tell he still loves you.

How to Get Him Back

So you’ve determined he still loves you and you know you want to get back with him. Yet, he may still be uncertain. You can take that step forward and make the first move. Break down the wall that’s holding you back and let him know where you stand… that you want to get together for a drink sometime and perhaps talk about where he might stand.

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