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How to Win Him Back By Showing Your Appreciation

Most men are the types who like to do a job and feel the rewards for finishing that job. That includes making a woman happy.
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You lost him and now you want him back but you’re not entirely sure why he left in the first place. Do you want to know why he left and how to win him back?  Most men are the types who like to do a job and feel the rewards for finishing that job. That includes making a woman happy. That’s right. Most men leave a relationship because they felt they could no longer make their girl happy.

Why Did He Leave?

The day you stopped telling him how happy you were, he started questioning if he was able to make you happy anymore. The harder he tried, the more you ignored him. You didn’t thank him for taking out the trash, for picking up his clothes or for starting the dishwasher. In fact, sometimes you even got mad because he did it wrong and instead of thanking him; you just fumed at or ignored him. His special little treat was just thrown in the streets because you didn’t take the time to let him know how much you appreciated his hard work.

Sense of Appreciation and Accomplishment

Men like to have a sense of accomplishment that comes when their girlfriend, fiancé, or wife tells them how pleased she is especially when a man cleans his garage or picks up his socks. Just like a mother bear has an instinct to protect her cubs, a man has an instinct to make a woman happy. He tries hard every day to ensure your happiness and when you start taking advantage of that and don’t tell him how happy he makes you, he’s going to start questioning his worth in the relationship.

Winning Him Back

Now you’ve lost him and want to win him back because you realized how much he meant to you and how happy he really did make you. Let him know. Go out of your way to show him your appreciation. Let him see how happy he makes you when you’re around.  Laugh at the jokes you used to laugh at before. Build his confidence and let him know he’s making you happy.

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