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How to Attract Your Ex Attention: Things That You Can Do

If you can make them feel like they were never that important in your life, they’ll be thinking they were the loser for letting you go. What can you do next?
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When you’ve been dumped, it can difficult to do the things that used to please you. You probably feel utterly alone and that you are worthless and unworthy of love. It makes you question everything about yourself, both physically and mentally. As terrible as you feel and as bad as the situation is, you can get through the worst of it. You make yourself feel better and attracting his attention once more.

Chances are you’ve been searching for ways to assist you in getting them back and trying to catch their attention. The Internet has a vast source of articles geared towards helping you find those ways of achieving your goal.

One of the most important rules in breaking up and winning them back is to give your ex and yourself some time and space. When you are constantly near your ex, it doesn’t give you or them the time to miss each other. One of the reasons for the breakup was no doubt the need for distance from the other person. If you don’t give your ex the time they need to get over what is ailing them, you’ll end up hurting your chances of getting them back. Give them a month of time before contacting them again. Utilize this time away to devise a plan to get your ex attention.

Now that you have cut off contact, it’s time to work on other issues regarding yourself. First, try to remember that life does keep going even if you don’t feel like it is. This means continue to live your life like you did before the breakup occurred or before you were in the relationship in the first place. Get dressed and go out of the house. Be with those who love and care about you such as friends and family. You want to have as much fun as possible even if you don’t feel up to having fun. Doing something fun helps to ease the hurt the breakup caused. If you look good while out in public, you can get some needed attention from members of the opposite sex. This attention can help in rebuilding your self-esteem and your confidence. Who doesn’t like getting good attention?

Now start to think about how you look in this circumstance. First off, you are out on the town, you look good while being out on the town, have a group of friends nearby and attention from the opposite sex. Now, is your ex anywhere in the picture? Chances are that your ex probably thinks you should be sitting at home alone, crying for them to come back. If you act like you are having a good time and moving on with your life, chances are they’ll wonder why they let you go in the first place.

Most people really have no clue what they had in a relationship until that relationship is gone. If you can make them feel like they were never that important in your life, they’ll be thinking they were the loser for letting you go. They’ll want to get that relationship back.

Once you feel good about everything and the month has passed, you may be able to convince your ex that you’re worth the time and effort to have a relationship with. To get your ex attention doesn't have to be doing the things like being forced; you need to be doing things you're comfortable with.

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