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Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend Using 3 Steps or Less

By following these three simple steps on this article, you have a greater chance of winning back your ex girlfriend.
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When you have been dating someone for some time, it can be rather hard to deal with it. Your confidence is shaken. This not only goes for females but males too have difficult accepting the loss. However, you don’t have to weep any longer. As long as you come up with a plan that works, you can win back your ex girlfriend.

You already know that there is a big difference between man and woman. Thus, things that may work for a man may not be to get a woman’s attention. For this reason, your plan must be geared toward her. There are several things you can do to help you out and get her back in the long run.

The worst thing you can do when trying to win back your ex girlfriend back is to be aggressive. Remember the relationship was stressful for her. Why add more to it? More stress equals no relationship. You don’t want to overburden her so don’t be so antagonistic toward her.

One of the best ways you can avoid getting too aggressive is to give her space for about a month. If you have a class together or work together, then try to be civil but not personal. Time away is what’s called for when a breakup occurs. This time gives both persons in the relationship time to think about what they want out of the whole deal. If you choose to contact her again, then don’t get aggressive and don’t push. Doing this is a sure bet that you won’t get her back.

Another good way to win back your ex girlfriend is to get out and about. That means try get together with friends and go out on the town. This can help you get her back even if you really don’t feel like getting out. Why? When you can show her that you can move on without her, it makes her think that she wasn’t near as important in your life as she thought she was. It can really hit home when you start getting attention from other women.

Think for a moment. How would you feel if you saw your ex with someone else? Would it stay on your mind? Sure it would. She doesn’t have to want you then but she’ll still be wondering every day what you are doing and with who. If you kept with the no contact rule, you have a better chance of stating your case later on. With her remembering all the times you were together, she’ll start comparing you with the new guys she dates. She may realize later on how big of a mistake she made and even come back to you asking for another chance.

Keep away from drugs and alcohol. These substances only impair your senses and your mind. The pain of the loss is usually eased by them but is still there in the morning. You may even find yourself doing something embarrassing such as making an overnight phone call asking and pleading your case while slurring your words. It’s called drunk dialing and only reaffirms her decision to breakup with you when you do something like this. Avoid using these mind-numbing substances. You are not more attractive with them in your body.

By following these three simple steps, you have a greater chance of winning back your ex girlfriend. All you need to remember is that time and patience can heal any wound.

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