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About Relationship: What Makes the Opposite Sex Tick?

If you want to be with your significant other, there are things you need to know.
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What makes the opposite sex tick? Have you ever wondered what kinds of problems kill a relationship? It’s important to know what issues are more problematic if you are trying to salvage a relationship or want to avoid them altogether.

Men and women both have a hard time understanding each other. Remember that women are from Venus and men are from Mars when it comes to understanding about relationship. If you want to be with your significant other, there are things you need to know what makes the opposite sex tick?

For women: Not every man can be considered a loathing pig because there’s more to that. Women need to remember that men are only human and what they expect and get may be two separate things. If you want to keep your relationship with your man going strong or work on getting it back, there are three things you should be aware of.

- Give him the space he needs to be himself. The biggest cause for breakups is the feeling of claustrophobia. It’s normal for men and women to always be around one another in the beginning of the relationship. As the relationship progress, the feeling of contentment starts to set in. This usually brings some women to ignore their men. While both of these are normal situations, the worst thing you can do is to be overemotional with your feelings in a way that makes him very uncomfortable.

- Sex is vital to a healthy relationship once it has begun. Yet, after the relationship has gotten past the new feeling, sex seems to drop off dramatically. However, men need sex to stave off their sex drive to remain “healthy”.  Men, if they really care about their women, won’t cheat. That doesn’t mean they’ll be happy. While having no sex is a main reason a relationship ends, it’s important to have. You don’t have to mess around all the time but sex shouldn’t be like a blue moon either.

- Try not to figure men for being stupid. They do have a brain. They just have a tendency to use it less than women do. Men will inevitably fail at tests women tend to give because they are unaware they are being tested. They won’t know they’ve been tested until women come to them with angry faces. Men need things pointed out to them that something needs to be done. Mind games are more of a woman thing than a man’s. Keep this in mind.

For guys: If you haven’t figured it out by now, women are mysterious creatures. You may notice that they can tell you something and it’s perfectly clear in their heads but it’s wonderfully confusing in yours. However, when you boil down what a woman is about they ask very little of you. There are three things you need to keep in mind when you are dealing with a woman.

Remember that women love to have a sensitive man. You don’t have to recite poetry. Yet, the kinds of things and the kind of attitude you have with your male friends just don’t do well with women. Many women think and move with their emotions. Women are looking for a man who cares about them. Is that asking a lot?

Never base a long term relationship with a woman because of sex. Yes, sex needs to be good but you have to remember it’s not the end all, be all of a relationship. Sex will also get more infrequent in the relationship as the newness wears off. A physical chemistry should be determined but should not be the ultimate factor in deciding what woman you’ll be with.

Start learning how to read minds because a woman will leave you subtle clues you are going to have to pick up on if you are not to face her wrath. While a woman can make things a little simpler for you by not doing this sort of thing, you know that to make her happy you better figure things out. The key to reading her mind and knowing what she needs is to be observant.

Now that men and women know what to expect, things can go a bit smoother. These are just the basic tips to help you understand what makes the opposite sex tick. There is more to learn about relationships if you want to be happy with your significant other.

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