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3 Tips That Help to Deal with Breakup Emotions

Take those hurtful feelings you have and make them into something different. Would you believe that you could use pain to your advantage? How?
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So you recently suffered a breakup? You probably feel crummy about the entire experience. It’s likely you are suffering a bit of depression and feel lonely. It can take an extraordinary amount of strength to get out of bed to face the day but you know you have to do this. You have to find the strength somehow when thinking of wanting to make up with your ex and dealing with the emotions.

If you didn’t know, those feelings are completely normal to have. When you go through a breakup, life can feel like it’s been ripped out from underneath you. You’re probably crushed. Of course, this all means you had to care for your ex to feel the way you do. Chances are… you did.

While it’s completely natural to feel your pain, never let it rule your actions and never it stop you from putting one foot in front of the other to move on with life. Not to say you won’t feel like utter garbage in the first few days even weeks after the breakup, just don’t let the depressing emotions drag you around for so long. Take those hurtful feelings you have and make them into something different. Would you believe that you could use pain to your advantage? How?

For starters, break off any and all contact with your ex. When you are constantly seeing each other, you had more friction to the mess and the gap between the both of you is likely to get bigger. Instead, use this time to work on your issues and be a stronger person. Yes, this no contact rule can help you win your ex back, despite what you may believe.

Secondly, stick with the people who care about you. You’ll find that these are the folks that will love you no matter how bad the situation is. They are wonderful distractions for you to deal with the aftermath. Don’t forget to stay in physical shape as well. When you are healthy in body, you are also healthy in mind.

Third, never turn to illegal substances or alcohol for the easy way out. These never work and tend to make a bad situation worse. These substances typically impair your judgment and you may do things that you normally would not have done such as drunken dialing. When you are working to get your ex back, you should never use these as a way to deal with the pain.

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