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Win Your Ex Back: 5 Mistakes That Have Serious Consequences

What are the five common mistakes people make when they don’t slow down and think?
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When you are suffering from a breakup, everything can feel messed up. You look at things that once made sense and now it looks like Greek to you. Depression can take over if you aren’t careful and you can make some serious mistakes if you don’t watch out. Those mistakes can cost you more than you want it to. It can cost you the chance to win back your ex. What are the five common mistakes people make when they don’t slow down and think?

First, you try to win back your ex back showering him or her with too much attention. Too much attention can lead to feelings of harassment. This also can term you the psycho ex. When a breakup occurs, it’s often because the other person needs space so give them that space and take some time for yourself.

Second, don’t do any drunken dialing. When you do this, you look desperate and will look like a complete idiot. What is this to be exact? Know this late night phone calls you make that seem good at the time but you realize in the morning were pretty stupid to make. Yeah, this is drunk dialing. You pour your heart out to the person on the phone, no matter who it is or the answering machine. Either way, you look stupid doing it. Don’t do this.

Third, you decide to burn the phone waves or Internet lines by trying to contact your ex everyday, nearly every hour. Stop. Text Message Terrorism is not a good idea and in turn, makes your ex want to change all the ways you can get in touch with him or her. Remember, space is the keyword.

Fourth, don’t let the miserable feelings dictate your life. Actually, use these feelings to your advantage by taking control of your life. Feeling them is fine but letting them rule you is not.

Fifth, you should never believe you could change someone. Contrary to popular belief, the only person you can change is yourself. If you don’t like something about you, fix it. Just never believe that you can fix another person’s faults. However, if you want your ex back, you be the person to start fixing the problem, no matter if you were at fault or they were.

These are the five things people in love do when they have been dumped. Common mistakes but costly ones too. By avoiding them, you can find a way to win back your ex.

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