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The 2 Common Mistakes People Still Made After a Breakup

You may begin to panic and do things you ordinarily would not do. What can these 2 common mistakes be?
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The period right after a breakup is usually the hardest people have to deal with. Life can seem rather crazy and it’s rather simple to make those crazy mistakes that can damage any chances of winning back your ex. You may begin to panic and do things you ordinarily would not do. What can these common mistakes be? They are: drunk dialing and text message terrorism.

Common Mistake (1) - Drunk Dialing

This is done when you have been drinking too much or doing drugs. It’s done when you decide to call your ex in the middle of the night and pour your heart out to them personally or on their answering machine/voicemail. If you are depressed, drinking only encourages you to do this mistake. You may think you are making hedge way into your ex’s life but actually; you are pushing them further away. Plus, you become the psycho ex that won’t take no for an answer.

Common Mistake (2) - Text Message Terrorism

This text message terrorism should never be done. In some instances, it’s a form of stalking. When you begin to panic, you tend to start doing this. You probably think that calling, texting, emailing or instant messaging your ex every day is a good thing but it’s harassing them to the point that they are liable to change their number or email address. All you show your ex is that you are needy and clingy… basically, you are a psycho ex that needs to be avoided at all cost.

When you do these things, you show many sides of yourself to your ex but you should always see yourself. Would you do any one of these things if you thought with a clear head? The answer is…probably not. A bad breakup may turn you into a raving lunatic but as long as you recognize these behaviors you can stop them right away. That means you may have a chance to win back your ex as long as you haven’t already made one too many mistakes.

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