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5 Important Tips on Getting Back With Your Ex

You may not realize it but you easily repair a relationship by following five simple rules.
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A relationship is a work in progress that has to be maintained repeatedly so that it grows and flourishes.  Sometimes that flourishing will stop for no apparent reason and a breakup occurs. When this happens, it can be rather nerve wracking to deal with the aftermath. You probably want to know what you can do to get back with your ex. You may not realize it but you easily repair a relationship by following five simple rules.

Rule 1 - Staying Strong

The worst thing you can do is act needy especially when you are trying to win back your ex. Before you do anymore begging, pleading, clinging or anything of like behavior stop and think about if the shoe were on the other foot. Would you want your ex begging like a dog to you? Its fine to feel sad but don’t look sad. Stay strong. The best thing you can do for yourself to get back with your ex is to show them that you have moved on and that the breakup didn’t hurt (even if you are hurting inside). Your ex may realize that they still miss you and want you back.

Rule 2 - Limit Communications

Breakups are a time for separation, not a time for trying to talk to one another. Remember that breakups cause hurtful feelings so it's best to steer clear of one another. By staying away from your ex, you actually help your case. It gives them time to reflect on things as well as give you time to reflect on things. Stop talk with your ex for a month or so so that he or she will realize that they do need you in their lives.

Rule 3 - Flexibility

This is time to be flexible with your ex. Never demand that your ex do something. Instead, be the ex that listens and is sympathizing to their predicament and plight. When you do this, you help your case by allowing them to witness this side of you (again). When you show them that you can be respectful, it makes them want to open the lines of communication once more.

Rule 4 - Going Out

Never, ever stay at home alone after a breakup. This is time to get out with friends you may have neglected due to the relationship or hang out with some family members. Get out to the social clubs and start enjoying life as a single person once more. You don’t have to date but you can pay a little attention to the opposite sex. If your ex sees you out and about, they’ll wonder why they let you go. It’s also very therapeutic for you.

Rule 5 - Being Yourself

Remember the time when you and your ex first got together. Obviously something was there so remember to be yourself and remind your ex through your actions why you both made a good couple. By remembering those good times, it’s bound to rub off on your ex too.

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