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What's needed before meaningful, memorable sex can happen?

Who DOESN'T want to have memorable, meaningful sex with someone they care about? But, before that kind of lovemaking can happen, this has to be present...
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Keep this in mind...



It takes energy to have the kind of sex that's memorable.


There are plenty of people and things in life that DRAIN energy.


"Drained" people have lousy sex – if they even have sex at all.


Do you want to make love to your woman?


Do you want your woman to make love to you?


Then you've got to be the kind of man who does and says the things that INCREASE YOUR WOMAN'S ENERGY.


When you're the kind of man who ENERGIZES his woman, that sexual part of her comes to life and begins to seek expression.


As you interact with your woman throughout the day, ask yourself questions like these:


* "What can I do that will energize her?"

* "Will what I'm about to say energize her?"

* "Will what I'm about to do energize her?"


You'll get the right answers.


And, it's all in the interactions and their effects...


The things that happen when you part ways in the morning and reunite in the evening can energize or drain.


The things you do during meal times can energize or drain.


The things you do together and separate can energize or drain.


Even things as mundane as what you watch on TV or the movies you watch can energize or drain your woman.


And, be man enough to NOT let her mentally dwell on things that drain HER energy. 


Even more so, be man enough to NOT let her say or do things that drain YOUR energy.


Now, meaningful, memorable sex can happen!


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