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The Basics of Sexual Frequency

If there were some simple, little things you could do that would effect BIG changes in your sex-life, wouldn't you do them?
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Sometimes, men just need to set aside all the stuff they are busy with and do a few things that really matter.


When was the last time you just slowed way down and touched your wife in a way that conveyed to her that you "liked" her?


When was the last time you stopped what you were doing and looked your woman so deeply in her eyes that it almost stopped her heart?


When did you last have a real conversation with your lady that forged a powerful connection between the two of you?


Guys are incessantly wanting more sex with their wife but they aren't touching her in those non-sexual ways that lead her to the sexual touches.


Guys are forever wanting more sex with their woman but they aren't giving her that eye-contact that causes her to access her feminine/sexual side.


Guys are always wanting more sex with their lady but they aren't communicating with her at that connecting level that takes her to a sexual connection.


Fellows, it's the non-sexual forms of intimacy that pave the way to sexual forms of intimacy.


If sexual frequency is a problem in your marriage, then perhaps you should check up on the frequency of which you touch, look, talk, and connect with your spouse.


As YOU diminish the frequency at which you do these things, YOU cause the frequency of sex to also diminish.


As YOU stop doing these things, YOU cause your relationship to become more like a platonic brother-sister relationship than a spicy, steamy, passionate husband-wife marriage.


Ask yourself this question, "Would I rather have a roommate or a lover?"


If you'd rather have a lover, then maybe it's time for you get back to some basics and do some things that you know to do.


Frequently hug your wife.  Touch her in a positive way.


When you talk to your wife or she's talking to you, look her in the eyes.  If there's never an eye-connection, there can't possibly be a sexual connection.


Engage in connecting talk every day.  What good things happened today?  What lessons did you learn?  What examples of what works well and what doesn't work so well did you observe?  Share these things with your wife.  Find out the same things from her.


But, don't stop there.  Make sure that you find something you appreciate in and about your wife and EXPRESS that to her.  Then, have her do the same back to you.  Never forget, appreciation PRECEDES affection.


There's another benefit to all of this besides the sexual one...the more you connect through touch, eye-contact, talk, and time, the less petty little things will annoy you and your wife and the fewer fights you'll have and the more peace you'll enjoy. 


If such simple, little things can effect such BIG changes, why wouldn't you do them?


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