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Win Your Ex Back: Telltale Signs to Determine What They Want

It’s not hard to discover actually. All it takes is some time and patience. How can you find out if your ex still loves and wants you?
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Have you ever wondered if you could win your ex back? What if you could find out before you tried, would you? If you take a while to work on the problems at hand, you may think you have missed your shot to win him or her back. However, you shouldn’t let that stop you from finding out. How can you find out if your ex still loves and wants you?

It’s not hard to discover actually. All it takes is some time, patience and watching how they react to seeing you, watching you and talking to you. For instance, if you have to talk on the phone, listen to how open or closed they are with you. Does it seem like they want to talk with you when you call or do they initiate the telephone contact? When it seems positive that they don’t mind talking to you, this is in your favor.

However, be aware of the downside to this communication bit. If your ex doesn’t call you back or doesn’t seem to initiate contact, the truth may hurt but it’s likely they are not ready to get back together with you, if at all. You have to understand that some people, even the initiators, are unable to deal with breakups. They may cut off all contact with you so they can start the healing process. For them, being away from you gives them the ability to forget that you exist. Doing it this way can be tough.

The upside is if they open the lines of communication first. It’s possible they want you back so they’ll begin calling and seeing how you have been. You should take this as a good sign that they are attracted to you, at least a little bit. From there, he/she can determine that the love for you is still there and they’ll make the first jump of faith to have you back.

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