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Get Your Ex Back: Two Sides of the Emotion Scale

If you are looking to discover if your ex wants you back, you’ll have to see how they will or do treat you. Where you do fall on the scale?
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You’ve finally gotten over the hurt of the breakup. You’ve decided that being with them is much better than being without them but you aren’t sure if they have the same kinds of feelings you do. You have no idea how you can find out if they still love you too. Or do you? Actually, you can easily find out if your ex wants you back too.

Have you ever noticed how someone treats you when they like you and how they treat you when they don’t? Those differences can easily be determined. For instance, suppose you have scale. On one side, you have lack of interest and indifference. On the other end, you’ve got love and hate. If you are looking to discover if your ex wants you back, you’ll have to see how they will or do treat you. Where you do fall on the scale?

Lack of Interest Side of Scale

To find out how your ex feels about you in their lives, try seeing how often they return your calls, even if they even do. Do they contact you on a regular basis? Does it seem like you are doing the entire calling but never getting returned calls or they say they have something to do after two minutes of conversation? While it’s not a complete bad sign, it’s not a healthy one either. You can get them past that point. However, it’s going to take time and patience.

Love and Hate Side of Scale

How can you tell if your ex wants you in their life? Start watching how often they call you or return your calls? How long do you talk for? Do they ask to see you now and then or make up excuses to see you? If the overall manner is positive, chances are they are seeking a second chance with you. While the fervor you once shared isn’t all there, it means it’s still there and can be worked upon.

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