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Getting Your Ex-Girlfriend to Call You Back

If you can get her to be curious as to the reason for your call she may call you back just to relieve her burning desire to know.
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After a relationship ends it can be very difficult to get your ex to talk to you.  There is probably a lot of hurt and anger that she would like to avoid.  If you try to call her, she may simply ignore your calls and never call you back.  This will lead to frustration on your part because it is very difficult to plead your case to her if she won't return your calls.  Luckily for you, there is a trick that may get her to call you back.

Curiosity is a powerful motivator.  If you can get her to be curious as to the reason for your call she may call you back just to relieve her burning desire to know.  What you need to do is call her and leave a short non-specific message on her phone, something like, “I just called to say thank you”.  When she hears the message her curiosity will be aroused and she may have no choice but to call you back to find out just what it is you are thanking her for.

Now you must proceed very carefully.  If you are not prepared with answers to her questions, she will feel like you tricked her into calling you and it’s very unlikely that you will ever get her to call you again.  Once you have her on the phone, it is important to keep the conversation light and pleasant.  The idea is to get her to look back on the conversation with fond memories so she will be much more likely to return your call the next time.

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