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“Lets Be Friends” - What Does She Mean By That

What does she really mean by that? There are really only two possibilities: either she meant exactly what she said or she didn’t.
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One of the things guys fear most in relationships is hearing the words “Let’s just be friends”.  Not only does it signify the end of the romantic relationship but it can also leave him with a lot of questions.  What does she really mean by that?  There are really only two possibilities: either she meant exactly what she said or she didn’t.

Many women use the phrase, “Let’s just be friends”, because they think it is a gentler way to end the relationship.  It may be that she has no real interest in spending time with you, whether it’s as friends or romantically, but she doesn't want to hurt your feelings by simply telling you to get lost.

The other possibility is that she did mean it when she said she wanted to stay friends with you.  In this case she may not want to do the things required to keep a romantic relationship alive but she still would like you to be a part of your life.  In a situation like this it is highly possible that the relationship could be rekindled down the line. You just need to be patient and give her the time she needs to work through things.

At the moment of the break up it may be next to impossible to tell exactly what she means.  If after some time she begins to call you again or seems genuinely pleased to see you when you meet in social situations then you will know that she meant it when she said, ”Let’s be friends”.  If, however, she does not call or tries to avoid you then you will know that it is time to look elsewhere for companionship.

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