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Does “Let’s Be Friends” Always Mean the End of a Relationship?

With those words they are hearing the end of their relationship and whatever future they may have planned with this woman. .. however, that’s not always the case.
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Men have long been afraid of hearing the words “Let’s just be friends” come from their girlfriends' lips. Those four words together are perhaps the most feared in the dating vocabulary. Men believe that with those words they are hearing the end of their relationship and whatever future they may have planned with this woman.  Sometimes that is the case… however, that’s not always the case.
Sometimes, when a man hears that phrase it’s for a good reason they should be concerned. There are the times when a woman tells a man she is only interested in a friendship, what she is really saying is that she wants to break up and be done with him completely.  She may say this to soften the blow of the break up.  Other times, she means exactly what she says. Although she does not want a romantic relationship, she does still enjoy spending time with him.  In this case, there is a good possibility that he may be able to rekindle the relationship.

If a man believes that his girlfriend means the words, “Let’s be friends”, he must proceed very carefully.  He must work to remind her why the two of them were together in the first place without making her feel pressured.  She may have broken up with him because she was unsure just how she felt about him. She may need the time away to sort out her feelings.  If he pursues her aggressively while she is trying to get her head wrapped around her feelings, he is likely to scare her away.

Time, patience and understanding are what are needed from a man in this situation.  If he is willing to give his ex-girlfriend the time to find her own path, he may find that her path leads right back to his arms.

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