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If Your Ex Still Has Feelings for You - Where Do You Fall On the Scale of Em...

You can know if your ex still has feelings for you. Because he may not know, you might have to find out for yourself.
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From the unsure to the sure, you can know if your ex still has feelings for you. Because he may not know, you might have to find out for yourself. Here’s a simple and effective way to do so.

With a range of emotions that course through a person, the best way to figure out where you might stand in that person’s range is to consider a Scale of Emotions. This can be done by drawing a line and writing down a variety of emotions from “Indifferent” to the strong emotions of “Love” and “Hate”.


The definition of indifference is not really caring one way or the other as to how the outcome might be. If you’re not a sports buff, you’re indifferent towards the outcome of the Super Bowl. Your ex can have the same feelings - or lack thereof - towards you.  How can you know how he feels?  If he doesn’t try to call you or contact you after the “let’s be friends” spill, he’s indifferent towards you. But what if he does try to contact you?


When you’re getting frequent calls, you can be sure you’re closer to the stronger emotions on the Scale of Emotions. Love and hate are both under the strong emotions category because of the passionate outcome that arises with both love and hatred.  However, note that if your ex is still contacting you and being sweet and caring, he more likely still loves you than vindictively hates you.

If you’re still unsure if your ex still has feelings for you, just pay attention to how he reacts to you knowing that there are different degrees. You knew once before, you’ll know again.

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