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Real Reason Why My Ex Boyfriend Left

Men have few layers to poke around in and try to decipher. They are easy to understand once you’ve been given the right binoculars to look through.
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You may sit and stare outside a window, watching the world change about you in ways you never noticed before because until now, your life had been moving so fast you didn’t have time to sit at the window. Now you feel like you’re life is over and can’t move forward because your ex boyfriend broke up with you. You have stopped but the world around you continues to grow and change and you can’t help but wonder what had changed in your relationship to make your boyfriend leave you.

Men have few layers to poke around in and try to decipher. They are easy to understand once you’ve been given the right binoculars to look through.

Deep down, a guy has one manly instinct that may web out but is still part of the same seed: to feel needed. This instinct branches out to such areas as being the protector, being the breadwinner, being the head figure, etc. However, some areas are more of a cause for struggle than others if the guy doesn’t feel he’s accomplished them. One of these is may be part of the reason you’re now recovering from a breakup. One instinct that a man is less likely to get over is making the ones he loves feel happy.

When a man doesn’t get the recognition for his hard work he’s going to seek a place where his efforts are appreciated. He is going to want to be admired. He’s going to want to know he can do his job and that he’s doing it well.

It’s not like you have to be sappy and superfluous in your appreciation. Actually, a guy is more likely to see through that sort of recognition and feel insulted. You should genuinely appreciative of what he does and let him know it. Don’t make him feel like a child but rather a contributing person in the relationship. Don’t be controlling and don’t belittle him. Be open and communicate your feelings with him. If he’s not making you happy, let him know and perhaps it’s best to make it on your separate ways, but if he is making you happy, he shouldn’t have to wonder if he is.

Though this isn’t the reason every man leaves a relationship, his feelings of inadequacy are certainly going to play a major role in his decision to move on. If you don’t want that to happen, take the time to show your appreciation for what he’s done for you.

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