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Do You Know Why He Left You?

There are reasons why men leave a relationship. Do you want to know why your man left you for someone? Many women just do not know why their men left.
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Do you want to know the secret to why he left you for some other girl?  Look no further.  Herein lays the secret to why he left you and how you can get him back.

When a guy leaves a girl, it’s rarely for a supercilious or superficial reason like “She’s more attractive than my ex” or “She has more money.”  In fact, you might be surprised as to the reason your ex left you.

“I just couldn’t make her happy anymore”. A man’s self-assurance rests in how others respond to him. If he works hard repairing the car, he’s going to want to be complimented on that. When he tries to do something to make you happy, he’s going to want to see the results of that. Guys like results. If there is a problem, they fix it because it shows a result. If a guy doesn’t see results, he’s going to feel like he’s failing at his job.

I hope you’re getting the message. If you don’t let him know that you’re happy, proud, pleased, grateful or appreciative - however you want to put it - with him, he’s going to want to give up and get out.

Take into consideration your feelings on the subject. If he doesn’t compliment you on how you look, don’t you start to feel less attractive and wonder if he is still even attracted to you? When you don’t let him know you’re happy, he starts to feel he doesn’t make you happy any longer and will move on to someone he can make happy.

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