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Does Your Ex Love You or Not

He might just need a push to realize it. Ask him out for a drink. You taking that first step just might put his true feelings in perspective.
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When Cindy’s boyfriend broke up with her he admitted he was a little confused with his feelings and that perhaps they should split up. Cindy wanted to ensure they could still be friends so she asked. He agreed. However, a few days later Cindy hadn’t heard anything from her ex other than that he was going to send her things to her. She was, of course devastated and debated on whether or not to try contacting her ex again. She wondered if she was wasting her time, hoping he’d come around and realize he still loved her. She didn’t know where she stood in regards to his feelings.

Suddenly Cindy was getting text messages and eventually her ex called her back, admitting how much he missed her. She was shocked and thought by this time that she was destined to only be a long distance friend with her ex; that they would remain indifferent to one another until they passed on the streets and had no choice but to acknowledge each other.

However, if Cindy had taken a step back to look at how often her ex contacted her (after the little bit of time separation that he needed) she would have realized that he still cared about her. Not only was he sending hints in his messages but also the fact that he was sending her messages often was a clue that Cindy was placed on the indifferent side of the “Scale of Emotions.”

When Cindy thought about her situation she realized there was a spectrum of emotions her ex-boyfriend was dealing with and he was trying to figure out where to place her -even though he didn’t know it. On the “Scale of Emotions” there exist a variety of feelings towards a person that could determine if a relationship could be mended or not.  On one end is an indifferent feeling or apathy. On the other end are the stronger emotions of passion: love and hate. You can find where you stand on the spectrum of your ex’s emotions by realizing the amount of contact you’ve had since the breakup and the content of the contact.

If he keeps mentioning he wants to see you, it’s very likely he still has feelings for you.  He might just need a push to realize it. Ask him to meet you for coffee. You taking that first step just might put his true feelings in perspective.

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