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Is it Loneliness or Your Ex Do You Miss?

You’re going to be heartbroken and feel alone but when you get over that hurdle and can move on, is that hole in your chest a missing piece of your life.
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When you fall in love and you’re constantly with your companion and it suddenly ends, the bounce-back to being single isn’t as easy as the jump to being a couple. You get used to having your companion in the car with you. You get accustomed to having your phone in your hand almost every night as you text each other good night and sleep well and that you’re excited to see them the next morning. So when you get to the point that you can no longer have all of that, when your companion breaks off your relationship, what are you really missing? Are you missing your companion or the companionship of someone?

Granted, you’re going to be heartbroken and feel alone but when you get over that hurdle and can move on, is that hole in your chest a missing piece of your life or are you just missing having someone there?

An ex can have a significant impact on your life, made you see life in a different perspective, and during your relationship, the two of you may have become so close that you care for one another immensely, however, caring and loving are different so when it comes to the point that your ex breaks things off with you and you’re just devastated think about how you might feel down the road.

What if you come to realize that you wouldn’t take your ex back when it came down to it?  That’s not bad. It means you’ve come to terms with your feelings and that perhaps you’re ready to move on. Just imagine you can see the future and know that in time your ex would definitely be coming back to you - thrilling thought, isn’t it?  Well let’s take that far perspective and focus on a point not so far down the road where you see another person that intrigues you and you see that, if you tried, you are guaranteed to hook up with that person.  However, that person is on a different road that just started to fork off the future you saw before. What would you choose?

Depending on your answer to that is the answer to your questions of whether or not you miss your ex or if you just miss the companionship your ex brought you.
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