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What You Need to Know on Getting Back with Your Ex

People do not have the patience they need to deal with a breakup. They believe that “stalking” their ex is the best thing in trying to win them back.
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Okay, erase that email. Stop that call. Don’t send that text. If you’re trying to contact your ex when he hasn’t taken the first step to contact you, you’re making a mistake that could end up ruining any chances you might have of getting back with your ex.

The key to getting your ex back is patience.  All too often, people do not have the patience they need to deal with a breakup. They believe that “stalking” their ex is the best thing in trying to win them back. However, this is the worst thing you can do. You may want to know why the relationship ended but this is not the time to learn that information, at least not from your ex. Remember that sometimes the best answer is no answer at all. 

Do you really want to know?  Keep in mind that if you make him think about it, it’s likely he’ll start thinking of even more reasons why he wants distance from you. He’ll look at almost everything you’ve done in a bad light.  Bad feelings are contagious and there’s no need to spread them around to other aspects of your relationship. He may just be under a lot of stress and taking it out on you.

The best action you can take to get your ex back is to give him time. He may eventually come to realize that he misses you tremendously and wants you back. But how can he miss you if you never leave?  Who knows, you might decide he was right in the first place and you’re happier without him. But if you’re not and he wants you back, you’re better off waiting a couple weeks to let his feelings air out and his attitude adjust. When he takes you back, you’ll both be better off.

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