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Get My Ex Girlfriend Back - Do You Still Have One Last Chance?

If you hope there’s a chance of redeeming yourself, of righting the wrong, then here’s some help in deciding whether your hope might be real.
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Sometimes relationships end like a train wreck.  When that happens, initially, everything looks hopeless.  Break-ups occur because of what people do and because of what they don’t do.  People make their problems and people create their solutions.  So you need to ask yourself whether what you did or didn’t do is unforgivable.  If you hope there’s a chance of redeeming yourself, of righting the wrong, then here’s some help in deciding whether your hope might be real.

There are plenty of clichés about second chances – never say never, etc – but the fact is that this is usually true. You’d be amazed by the number of couples who think they’re finished for good but who end up back together stronger than ever, in a week, a month, a year or more.  That’s because the emotions which lead to the breakup are usually much more volatile and momentary than the deep-rooted feelings on which a relationship is based.

Unless something truly unforgivable has happened, which has completely transformed you in the eyes of your ex girlfriend, so that, to her, the person she loved no longer exists, then there’s always a chance.  Love is a strong and constant emotion – it survives all kinds of punishment because it’s in the nature of love to endure.  That’s why you have to look beyond the angry looks and painful words – they wouldn’t be used so strongly if not for the strength of the love betrayed.  It’s the bad times she wants erased, not you.

So allow yourself to hope.  But before you go any further, just take a minute to ask yourself whether you really do want to go back.  Be sure that it’s this particular relationship you want, rather than the consolation of any relationship; maybe even with the next person you meet. 

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