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How Can You Tell If Your Ex Still Loves You

How can you tell if he still cares? Here’s some guidance that will help you find out exactly what he wants and exactly what your chances are.
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One of the biggest mysteries in life is what’s going on in other people’s minds.  Even if you’ve been with someone in a close relationship you may not always be able to tell.  And if that relationship has broken down, it’s going to be even harder, especially if you’re wondering whether he, like you, want to give it another go.  So how can you tell if he still cares?  Here’s some guidance that will help you find out exactly what he wants and exactly what your chances are.

The biggest single indicator of his feelings is how he acts towards you after the break-up.  If he’s broken off all contact then there’s nothing you can do but walk away.  However, if he still contacts you, still seeing you, even in very different circumstances, it’s clear that he still sees a place for you in his life. The important question then is… what is that place?

Very often relationships end with one of the partners deciding that they simply want less out of the relationship than the other.  But if he tells you that he wants you to be “just good friends” he could mean two extremely different things.  In some cases, it’s a classic strategy for letting someone down easily: he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, but he wants out.  In other cases, he really means it because he can’t imagine not having you around.

So if you agree to be “just good friends”, keep a careful eye on how he behaves towards you afterwards.  If he barely talks to you, it probably is truly over.  But if he can’t stop himself from calling you, or running into you and if he’s happy to talk, then it may be that he’s still interested enough in you to give it another try.

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