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Breakup Recovery - Bouncing Back After a Breakup

Get past that breakup and give your relationship a second chance and set your life back on the right track. So, what should you do now?
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No one is ever really ready for the shock and pain of a breakup even if you saw the signs.  It’s a dismal experience and there seems no end to the misery.  But if you want to get past that breakup and give your relationship a second chance then you’ve got to get back in control of your raw emotions and set your life back on the right t rack.
Your ultimate goal may be to get your ex back, but right now you have to put that from your mind. What you need now is to find a new path to happiness because your ex is not the only way. 

So get active, make new plans, start new projects and identify new goals.  Re-engage with your family and friends, not as half of a couple but as a person in your own right.  Rediscover the pleasure of a rowdy night out or a quiet night in.  Maybe even start dating; see what it feels like to be close to someone else. Soon you’ll come to see that happiness can be found in many parts of your life and that will help you to feel empowered, independent, confident and at ease with yourself.

Once you’ve achieved this you’ll be better equipped than ever for the challenge of getting your ex back into your life.  You’ll have learned a lot about yourself and you’ll radiate a newly rediscovered strength and attractiveness – the very qualities that drew your ex to you in the first place.  There’s nothing worse after a breakup than appearing to be needy, desperate or panic-stricken.  No one ever responds well to someone like that.  But if you appear to be riding high on a crest of strong will and good feeling, your ex is bound to notice and start thinking seriously about finding a way back.

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