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The Secret Reason Why Men Leave

Money, possessions, status… they may all have their place. But feeling like a man who can nurture and be relied upon has a special significance.
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Breakups can be hell for both sides, whatever the circumstances and however it finally happened.  At a time like this you have so many raging emotions competing for your attention that it can seem like a good idea to get professional help in rationalizing your feelings.

Well it may surprise you to hear that men often feel the same way.  That’s the reason why a lot of men, after a breakup, will feel compelled to consult a therapist, in an effort to get their lives back on track.

The fortunate result of this trend is that we now have access to some very interesting findings.  Therapists can confidently assert that there is one overwhelmingly common reason for men to walk out of a relationship.

It’s not because you cheated, that he got bored or met someone else.  It’s much simpler and much easier to put right.  The majority of men put it like this:

“I just couldn't make her happy, no matter what I did.”

I bet it’s not what you expected.  But it’s true. Because something that is very important to most men is the self-validation they get from seeing that they’re able to make their loved one happy.  Without that, their feeling of self-worth suffers a damaging blow.  Yes, he genuinely cares about your happiness in its own right, but also because of how good it makes him feel.

Money, possessions, status… they may all have their place. But feeling like a man who can nurture and be relied upon has a special significance.  Which means if you want him back in your life, you’ve got to give him what he needs… by showing him how much he gives to you.

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