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To Call or Not to Call – Dating Rules for Women

Have you found out why a man promising to call you after the date disappeared and never called? Are men so dumb so as to forget to call?
Views: 863 Created 06/30/2009

Have you ever wondered why your dream date turned sour? Have you found out why a man promising to call you after the date disappeared and never called? Are men so dumb so as to forget to call? Or are they not interested in you?
Whatever the reason the attitude with which such situation is more important. Meeting men and going on dates might be a common feat but not all dates inspire you or sweep you off your feet. There might be time when you end up seeing a great guy and you are all set to move to the next level. After the date you give him your number to keep in touch. After which you wait endlessly for a call from him.
You are restless and wish you could call him without creating a doubt about your inner feelings towards him. But how can you call casually and still make it feel as if you are very neutral and called just to say hi. Is it good to call at all? Or should you wait for him to remember and call for ages? The fact is you don’t even know if he is interested in you. How do you find out and how do you make him to get to call you immediately?
One hard and fast rule which any women should always remember after giving her number to the man is to never call him under any circumstance. Men are not as dumb as they seem to be. Many like to test the woman and want the women to call first. It is more about how to bell the cat. Under no situation must the woman take the initiative. Over curiosity and anxiousness might create a negative effect on a man’s mind so it is good to play safe by waiting for his call.
Men and women view this calling feat in different perspectives. For a woman it means that the man is deeply interested. But a man might be just calling you to pass his time or for other reasons. So play safe, don’t call and wait patiently, thus increasing the curiosity factor in the man’s mind driving him to call you out of sheer curiosity than boredom.

How you take the call or the tone in which you reply comes next and needs a lot of mock play just to tease the man who will then become hopelessly in your hold.

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