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Break Up Advice - Stay Cool and Get Her Back.

You have to be patient yet persevere in your approach to get her back. How can you do this?
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Are you suffering from a breakup? Do you want her back with all your might? The best advice for you is to stay cool and get her back. You must be thinking it sound like it is such a dumb idea. No it is not and yes I understand how difficult it must be to stay cool after a breakup. Heartbreak is another name for a breakup as the pain is heavy and the emotions are haywire driving you crazy. Staying cool in such a situation is definitely hard and not a great idea I know but then there is little you can do. Right after the breakup she will still be very angry or will be having the same ill feelings against you so it is no use to approach her for a get together at this point.
Patience and perseverance is what you need at this stage though both are in total controversy in meaning. You have to be patient yet persevere in your approach to get her back. How can you do this? First you have to be patient and wait for some time to allow some space in her life to settle down with the idea of breakup. Her emotions must calm down and all possible ways to forget you or the breakup must fail miserably. Till then you have to just stay cool or at least show that you are cool and undeterred by the breakup.
Once she reaches this stage it is time for perseverance to take off. Whatever you do just don’t overdo. Do it for the love of her and not out of desperation to pull her to your side. Sometimes the reverse might happen and strike a permanent breakup. Slow and steady is the keyword here. Right time, right place, right action is what you should concentrate next. You cannot go to her office to show off how much you love her nor can go to the restaurant she dines with her friend and push your way through her personal meeting.

Have some common sense and bundle up your over enthusiasm and anxiety in getting her back. You need to stay cool to win back her heart. Getting back after a relationship is like starting your relationship from scratch so there is no hard and fast rule to get it back immediately.

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