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How to Get Your Ex Back Even After Someone Cheated

Things aren’t turning out as well as you expected. He cheated on you or you may have cheated on him; all you know is you want him back but you’re not sure how to get him.
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You see it on television and read about it in the papers.  Stars can get away with it without consequence and life goes on.  However, now it’s happening to you and things aren’t turning out as well as you expected.  He cheated on you or you may have cheated on him; all you know is you want him back but you’re not sure how to get him.

While it’s more likely that you did the cheating and are trying to figure out how to win your ex’s trust back, it is possible that your ex cheated on you then left you.  You may still want to be with him, even though you’re hurt - and bravo to you if you can forgive him - you realize that he complimented your life in a way that no one else can so you want him back.

The start of a relationship usually begins by appeal.  If he left you for someone else, it’s likely that other person had more appeal than you.  You may have gotten lazy over doing the special things like wearing makeup and doing your hair for him, as you got more comfortable being in a relationship with him.  The key to winning back your ex is to returning to who you were when you first met.  You snagged his attention once; you’re likely to be able to do it again.

However, in the more likely chance that you cheated on him, getting him back is going to be more difficult.  You broke his trust, hurt his feelings and may have ruined your chances with an amazing guy that didn’t deserve what you did to him.  If your ex is willing to give you a second chance, you’re going to have to really earn it to keep him.  You’re going to have to gain his forgiveness.  You’re going to have to swear to him and yourself that you’re never going to cheat on him again.  You’re going to have to recognize what made you weak the first time and communicate to him your worries and concerns - he should be able to help you.  You’re going to have to earn his trust back and show him that you deserve to be with him again.

Though the road may be long, it is possible to get back with your ex after cheating.  Don’t beat yourself up and lose it because you need to be pulled together in order for anything to work.  If you both realize the love you share is enough to get you through this error, it’s very possible to get back with your ex.

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