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3 U’s to Avoid and Understand – Why Did She Leave Me?

Here's 3 examples of why a girl might leave and all can be avoided or rectified. It takes work, so be ready to put forth some effort and you should be able to get your ex back.
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You may want to sit on the couch smacking your forehead all day muttering “stupid, stupid, and stupid” because she broke up with you. However, that’s not going to help in getting her back if you want her back and that’s not going to help you figure out why she left in the first place.  Something went wrong and now you need to fix it.

Here are a few reasons many women leave relationships:

Unfaithfulness:  She may have cheated on you or vice versa.  Either will be difficult to overcome if you want to get back together but it’s still possible.  If she cheated on you, it’s likely one of the reasons that follow is why she cheated.  If you cheated on her, you have a lot of making up to do and trust to rebuild.  There are many steps you can take to rebuild a relationship after this sort of event.

Underappreciated: The way you made her feel special and the center of the world is one of the reasons she decided to make a relationship with you.  When that special feeling is taken away or dwindles to nothing, she’s going to wonder if you still feel the same way as you did before.  You may have gotten wrapped up in life and therefore stopped living - meaning you likely stopped giving her that individual attention she needs.  Let her know how much she means to you and that you understand she puts a lot of effort into your relationship.  Let her see your love for her daily.  Do something special for her to make her the center of the universe again.  Keeping her happy is going to keep her in your arms.

“Uh huh”:  Sometimes when a girl talks she just needs someone to vent to and share her feelings with.  She doesn’t need a quick fix.  She doesn’t need suggestions.  She just needs someone to listen to her.  You may have gotten used to just being able to say “uh huh” when she talks as if you’re agreeing with her or showing you’re paying attention but it’s very likely she’s noticed and is hurt that you’re not giving her your undivided attention.  Listening is more involved than hearing words but requires understanding meaning and the emotion put behind the words.  Any girl can say she’s all right but can you believe she’s all right when she has tears in her eyes or when she slumps on the couch after a tough day of work?  If you notice the things she’s not saying, she’s going to appreciate you even more.

All three of these are examples of why a girl might leave and all can be avoided or rectified. A relationship takes work, so be ready to put forth some effort and you should be able to get your ex back.

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