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What to Keep Up to Win Her Back

Follow these words of advice. They may not be as simple as tying a shoe but they will help and once you figure those out, you’ll be on your way to repairing your relationship.
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Among life’s many mysteries is the reason for a break up.  Often people just grow apart and both parties realize it’s time to move on.  However, what if you don’t fit under that category?  What if you want your ex back but you don’t know how to get her to notice you?  Follow these words of advice.  They may not be as simple as tying a shoe but they will help.

Keep up the good looks.  This is not a joke.  You’re going to feel horrible and that it’s pointless to maintain appearance.  Well, wrong, wrong, wrong.  You need to get up, go work out and be healthy.  Take that apathy and turn it into motivation.  Go get a new haircut, get a fresh shave and start over again.  Dress to impress.  You captured her attention before and it’s possible to do so again if you’re beaming on the outside when you want to be moping in front of the television.  Don’t let your weak feelings turn you weak.  When you’re learning to ride your bike you have to keep getting back up.  When you’re down from a breakup, you have to get back up.

Keep in touch with the friends.  Though you won’t feel like going out because it requires putting effort into looking decent (and it should take some effort for you to look decent, don’t skimp out on your physical appearance when you’re making a social appearance), it is important to let life continue after a break up.  You have friends and family that care about you and are going to want to help you through your break up.  Let them.  It’s likely they’ve been through a tough breakup, too, so they’re going to be empathetic.  Just think, if your ex sees you looking good because you didn’t let your physical appearance fall apart and sees you out in public having a good time, your ex is going to have a new respect for you.  You’ll be showing that you’re strong and you might even invoke some jealousy when your ex sees you look happier than he/she does.

Keep up some hope.  During the time of your separation, get to know the reason your ex left and how you could have prevented it from happening, how you can prevent it from happening in the future and how you might be able to get your ex back.  It’s likely your ex gave you clues as to what was making him/her feel the need to leave.  Once you figure those out, you’ll be on your way to repairing your relationship.

The most important thing to realize is that your ex noticed you once and if you do the job right, you can get him/her to notice you again.  All three of these will help you in getting your ex back and will even help you get back up after being knocked down.

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