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A Happier, More Sexual Marriage; A Secret For Men

Hey guys, are you interested in a little secret that can really help your marriage be a happier, more sexual union? I thought you might be...
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Hey guys, are you interested in a little secret that can really help your marriage be a happier, more sexual union?


I thought you might be...but first, I need to "prepare" you to receive this secret...


Men like things to be DIRECT.  Men like it when there is a one-to-one correlation to what they want.  If they want 'X', then they want to be able to DIRECTLY push the 'X' button and immediately have an 'X' pop out.


This is why men the world over...when it comes time for love-making...well, there isn't actually much love-making...because the guy is busy PUNCHING and GRINDING the 'X' button...or in this case, his wife's clitoris/vagina...trying to DIRECTLY start her sexual motor so that the "sexual pleasure" he wants can occur.


I'm still preparing you to receive the secret...


Mostly, women are NOT direct like men are.  In general, women do NOT want to push the 'X' button and have an 'X' pop out.  Instead, they want to push the 'X' button which will then open the door so that they can push the 'Y' button which then paves the way so they can push the 'Z' button...which then loops them around so they can start on the 'A' button...and EVENTUALLY get back to the original 'X' button and this time FINALLY, have an 'X' pop out.


Going back to the love-making scenario...guys are driving STRAIGHT for the orgasm...their woman wishes just for ONCE that they could take the "scenic tour"...but the guy's driving...and he usually gets straight to what he wants...and his woman is left unsatisfied...dreaming...wishing...for a man who was a real lover...


Which raises the question, "What kind of lover are you?"


Ok, I think you're finally ready to receive the secret...


The reason we went through this whole direct and indirect thing is because this secret is INDIRECT...but if applied, it WILL lead to a happier, more sexual marriage...


Here it is...


LET YOUR WOMAN DO THINGS HER WAY AND TRAIN YOUR WOMAN TO LET YOU DO THINGS YOUR WAY.  And, where there's overlap, work out and negotiate a mutually acceptable compromise.


Now, at first, that might seem rather obvious and not all that much of a secret so let's explore the idea...


If he doesn't watch out, a Type-A man (driving, competitive, fast-paced, active, impatient, serious) who is married to a Type-B (laid-back, relaxed, slow-paced, easy-going, patient, non-competitive, fun-oriented) woman will be constantly driving his woman to do what he wants RIGHT NOW.  He'll constantly be trying to place her in competitive situations.  Because of how he is, he'll be constantly trying to "make" her be like him, do things like him, and do things the way he would do them.  And of course, because of how she is, the woman is trying to get the man to do things HER way.


Similarly, if a extroverted woman is married to an introverted man, she'll be constantly trying to get her husband to be more outgoing...she'll be pushing him to relax and open up and have fun in the midst of a big crowd...to socialize like she does...and the whole time, he's getting more nervous, upset, and frustrated by the second...which is why he always puts up the blocks and resistances to going out and intermingling in the first place.


There are other contrasts I could make but you get the point...and you can plainly see that the result is constant conflict...the result is a not very happy and definitely not very sexual marriage.


But, when a man and woman DECIDE to LET their companion be themselves and do things in their own way and respect and appreciate their companion for who and what they are THEN a person INDIRECTLY paves the way for a far happier, way more sexual marriage relationship.


Do you now see how this really is an important secret to a happier, more sexual marriage relationship?  I'll repeat it one more time...


"Let your woman do things her way and train your woman to let you do things your way.  And, where there's overlap, work out and negotiate a mutually acceptable compromise."


Copyright 2009, Article by Calle Zorro. Permission is granted to reprint this article ONLY if authorship credit is given to Calle Zorro and a link to MoreSexForMen.com is included with it:

The issue for most men is NOT that their woman is non-sexual (although that's what they usually think).  The real issue is that men need to learn how to do things like a lover and a wife-seducer.  That's why men who want to improve their sexual relationship with their woman go here: www.NymphomaniacWife.com while men who are doing everything they know to do and still there is not enough sex in their relationship go here: www.MoreSexForMen.com

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