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Expensive way to paradise

In Brazil as missing on the streets are demonic cults using the name of Jesus Christ to earn much money. Look what happened to the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God.
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If the fanfarrices preached by pastors of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God have any effect, for sure the demons are chasing the Pope of the church, that is labels and was baptized as Bishop Edir Macedo Bezerra in Rio das Flores, Rio de Janeiro in 1945.

If the demons that always persecute the faithful of IURD not give money to maintain the luxury of Macedo exist, of course also the "demons" in order to give developers a jeitinho once more to stop the spree of money easy sponsored by financial group controlled by Edir.

Macedo and nine followers were accused, among other things, training in gang and money-laundering, subjects that are not so new in the religious life, he is accused of numerous crimes for decades, was also arrested in 1992 accused by other crimes than the present. Although it was by itself exonerate justice, the promoters of justice does not have to overcome and continued their search for new evidence, perhaps it was the big mistake of Edir and his troupe, thought the case was closed permanently.

In the list of demons that surround the life of Edir Macedo was also the means of communication that never digest the acquisition of Network Record in newspapers, graphics and networks and radio broadcasting, the list of demons pursuing de Macedo and his orgy with the entire easy money that the politicians were not digeriam the entry of members of the IURD Powers made, especially in the legislature which is crammed for councilors, parliamentarians and even Senator, on this list are the old faithful who were deceived with false promises and only dropped in real after entering a tunnel of more misery than have lived.

The prosecutors in Sao Paulo presents pieces of prosecution, many concrete evidence to corroborate the thesis that Macedo collected the money in the unfortunate form of tithing and donations, after all this money collected, about $ 1.4 billion per year, a gang of disguised religious ensure that after the miracle fat donations applied much of the money into two companies in Brazil, which according to the MP are front, these companies are registered as negotiating property "gave a jeitinho" swapped out for the other companies from a tax, once on land free of taxes and with very few checks, companies from outside lending money to people here, obviously linked to Edir Macedo, and those bought without much value as mimosa jatinhos, jewelry, arts and business; as occurred in the purchase of Rede Record.

In theory explaining and fast, the money from churches is free of taxes, because our legislation patronizing and always an eye on the fear of God, says that the religious institutions that this money goes towards the destitute, the poor and miserable. It is a sad state, but the Brazilian Constitution protects the money they donate themselves miserable in the name of God and believes that the religious direction will revert to the same donors; Ledo and deception in this case, this does not happen only with the luxury shops of Edir which take the name of religious temple.

In the 90s, after they bought the Edir Macedo Rede Record, appeared in the Brazilian press the first rumors of a crime against the financial system by the religious, there was also a flood of criticism of the method applied by IURD evangelization, especially after the disclosure a video which teaches its young Edir pastors to press the faithful to give more and more money. Another recording where they appear Edir Macedo and other bishops of IURD a luxury hotel of dollars for playing high after the completion of a cult of their faction was paramount to the tightness against official Edir and protected. To finish the merge engine Macedo, one of his bishops kicks a television image of Nossa Senhora Aparecida in national network!

Edir Macedo tried to use the image of prison to attract even more people around their cause, often uses in his preaching a playful allusion to himself that he is sent from Jesus Christ to snatch the sheep holy Christian and creates several programs within the IURD which are seen as aberrations. In the process of innovation of the management aberrant thematic church critics highlight a stream of dozens of pastors that promises to cure AIDS, anointing with holy oil as they had come from Israel and say that miracles and operates the sections of curious exorcism where if people are seen discussing the stage of the church in allusion to purge itself of Satan that they carry in their bodies, all the basis for many financial donation or purchase of products.

Some believers have come to declare that donations exceeding R $ 30 thousand in a year's worship of the sect Edir and that had the promise of their pastors that money back in a much larger amount after the vote. Apparently, the sheep that were sinners under the command of the bishop no longer desire more of the same miracles before and resolved by the mouth on trombone.

Macedo lately is not seen in the churches of his property, he merely appears once a week in some cult and recorded according to a source of their own church IURD, Macedo refuge in the United States and some African countries, where its church is in financial or patent expansion in his mansion "Hollywood" in Campos do Jordao, valued at U.S. $ 6 million.

Edir Macedo is deserving citizen of Rio de Janeiro, Tiradentes Medal after the Commander of the Rio de Janeiro, and citizen petropolitana Paulistano, titles conferred by the Boards of Petrópolis and San Paulo, and Bachelor of Theology, Doctor of Theology and Philosophy and Christian Master's degree in theology, also has the title of Doctor Honoris Causa in Divinity awarded by FATEBOM, Faculty of Theology maintained by the Assembly of God, now also invests in the photographic arts, with numerous works published on Flickr and Yahoo also invested in the Internet with page a person and a blog.

About FATEBOM, college where Edir successful in several studies, including the title of MASTER, some argue that it is maintained by IURD yes, but the label is the Assembly of God. Also weighing several charges of fraud and estelionato! People linked to the clergy and IURD not accept the disclosure of their names, say that the very Macedo injected money for the settlement of the courses, only to have a way higher level, which can be deduced that, if true and as God does not require qualification, this work may have been formed just to sweeten future prisons.

In its pages, no comment on the allegations offered to him, rather than comment on the charges he prefers to show scenes of love with his wife, words allude to the trials that Christ supposedly went with the devil in the desert, in his blog, only Reviews suspected of believers who believe in injustice and say they are praying for the bishop to leave most of this trap demons.

The most incredible of all charges against its nine Edir Macedo and apostles is that the names of Carlos Rodrigues and Marcelo Crivelli not appeared in the allegations. Crivelli Senator who is the Rio de Janeiro is the benevolent one of the icons of IURD charity, the New Canaan Ranch in hinterland of Bahia and Rodrigues, who was Federal Deputy and resigned, both are publicly known as the arms and legs of Macedo in all operations of faith and policy IURD.

The followers of Macedo should be thinking now that people should not have much faith in God is the Judge Gláucio Federal de São Paulo de Araújo, the 9th Vara of São Paulo, which accepted all the complaints of developers of the Group to Combat Crime organized; Macedo is now formally charged in the investigation and a criminal defendant that account from today, 10 days for their defense in the first instance. Apparently, who reigns until now was the goddess Themis, the Justice!

The worldwide reported the activities of promoters and prosecution of Macedo as the church of the bishop is present in 172 countries and raised U.S. $ 8 billion only in Brazil in the last seven years, all now expect to see action in Federal Court event that promises to be one more controversial than in the life of God is said protected. Not make any kind of feeling, is in the air the question: Edir going to give xilindró of worship?

It is unbelievable we can see in the XXI century a herd of headless ignorant, really insane, who blame the devil his deep disgrace. Are donkeys with chronic weakness syndrome, records of human settlers in pure shame, losing loved, spouse, serious illness or port plunge into debt for mere laziness and that after all, or part of it, seek any comfort in the words of preachers picks whose only goal is to take what they do not.

It is unbelievable seeing this scum of the consciences of these people dilapidated illiterate imbeciles of fathers, mothers and midwives who believe in stories estapafúrdias and vile; people seeking loans in the financial corner, check that exchange of funds, which sell furniture in gaps or to sacrifice miserable for the retirement offer to a gang of usurpers, usurpers who insist on selling these keys to the skies, land in paradise or enrichment of oil in front of televisions and infant and a Constitution that protects biased.

If these mules worth of heavy loads at least knew they interpret what they believe, the Holy Bible, that God would never accept such roubalheiras and the malpractice. If these people that so often claims to know the God who was less Emmanuel, the Messiah, if they could read and interpret the life of Jesus without the fanaticism which creates CEGA and cerebral anomaly, clearly see that 90% of the churches only want the money and power.

Regardless of religion, whatever it may be, here in Brazil and in the four corners of the world in which I used, I rarely make a note in favor of intemerato character of a religious institution. Priests, pastors, bishops, cardinals, popes, vicar, in short, every type of clergyman or priest, in most cases, the first is interested in vile metal which maintains its foundations, there is no money to impress other suckers and suckers without a church not remain.

Every church needs to pay its ordinary and special accounts; priest needs to receive all of their salary to keep evangelizing and all faithful believe in something that requires him enough to nurture the soul and the heart. We all need to believe in something, or that is in ourselves, but we can not escape the reality that egregia is wide and not only see who does not want to see.

If Macedo and his troupe are guilty, that justice is going to say who, if he would be arrested, has little importance to me, what the promoters of justice and Legislators in Brazil would have already seen earlier are burglary clear the consciences of people stupid, but innocent, people who do not contribute to anything progressive, rather, helps the gangs of false prophets to sink this nation even more miserable, ignorant and with serious problems of memory; nation that protects the slag and distracts those who are already in an advanced state of decomposition.

This brothel full of dogs, called Brazil and Mephistophelian sects that evoke the name of Jesus Christ to win big money reminds me of the Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Law of Karl Max, of 1844, a great service, worthy of being copied and taught on a large scale to more guys, and that says that religion is the opium of the people!

Carlos Henrique Mascarenhas Pires

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