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Getting Your Ex Back with the Right Steps – Ahead of the Game

After emotions have settled and you’re sure of your feelings, you are now ready to start making a plan to get your ex back.
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After months, or even years, of spending a lot of time with someone you love, the heartache of a breakup is hard to go through.  Pain will exist but it doesn’t have to be controlling.  You can keep your life in order as long as you know what symptoms equal falling apart and what you can do to make the separation a little easier.

The most important rule for you to follow is to take some time away from your ex.  Times are going to be difficult for both of you and new unresolved issues will exist to make any contact between you tepid or festered with bad emotions.  You’re going to see your ex react in a way you may have never seen before and you’re going to act in ways you never thought possible because when emotions are allowed to take over, the first thing they take over is reasoning followed by good judgment. 

Also sound advice is to stay healthy.  This doesn’t just mean eat your vegetables but also refers to a mental and physical health that will both be looked over if you let your sorrow win.  Distraction is good.  Allow others to help you, though.  If you try to distract yourself with pictures, home videos and rereading messages exchanged between you and your ex, you’re not getting a healthy distraction.  Go out and have some fun even when you think you’ll never be able to have fun again.  Take the anger and adrenaline to the gym (you’ll be amazed how many laps you can run on anger).  Maintain control over your life.  As hard as it may be to hear this, you lived before you met your ex and you can live after he/she is your ex.

After emotions have settled and you’re sure of your feelings, you are now ready to start making a plan to get your ex back.  You’ll be amazed at how much further along you are after following the advice given here than if you allow your life to fall apart.

Though it’s never easy to deal with a breakup, if you do it right, you’re giving yourself a better chance to get your ex back and make your relationship even stronger. For more help resource, go straight here: http://www.themagicofmakingup.com

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