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Getting Past The Wall And Getting Your Ex Back

This wall is your breakup: rough, hard and daunting. You’re thinking “straight on” is the best approach. So you assume climbing the wall is the best way to get back on your path.
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You’re walking down a path enjoying the beautiful scenery.  You’re very content with your life and know that at the end of this path is perfect happiness with your significant other.  However, as you continue your way you suddenly come across a wall about ten feet high and looks to go on forever in either direction.

This wall is your breakup: rough, hard and daunting.  Your immediate reaction is to want to continue down the path.  You’re thinking “straight on” is the best approach.  So you assume climbing the wall is the best way to get back on your path.

Climbing the wall is like “drunk dialing.”  It’s a long shot.  What it means to dial drunk is to make a phone call to your ex when you’re far from your best.  Often alcohol is a contributing factor but more often loneliness just gets the better of you and you want to hear your ex’s voice or try to talk your ex into reconsidering you.  Your ex is not likely to appreciate this because it’s most likely late at night (or early in the morning) and you’re probably not making less sense to her than you are to yourself.

Trying to dig under the wall is like “text message terrorism.”  It’s a lot of work for little to no results.  You’re likely to send hundreds of messages in some form or another and you’re either going to get a huge disappointing “leave me alone” message or nothing at all.

The best way to get past the wall is to travel away from your path.  Even though it looks like the wall goes forever, it really only goes half a mile each way.  Walk around the wall and when you get back to the path you want you’re likely also going to get your ex back. For more resource check out http://www.themagicofmakingup.com

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