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Reasons He Left - Things to Know That Could Help You Get Him Back

There’s a chance you can get him back. You just have to understand some of the reasons guys leave.
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You can’t catch a break.  First your boss tells you the company needs to downsize and you might be losing your job and then your boyfriends tells you he needs some time and space and that perhaps things would be better if you were just friends.  While the job situation is hard to deal with, sometimes that can’t be helped, but with your boyfriend, there’s a chance you can get him back.  You just have to understand some of the reasons guys leave.

The most obvious reason a guy would leave a girl is if she cheats on him.  I know you think it’s more likely that a guy is going to cheat on a girl because guys are shallow, right?  Wrong.  Girls are just as likely to cheat as guys only for different reasons.  While none of those reasons are justifiable, mistakes sometimes happen.  If this is the reason, basically you’re going to have to work hard to get your ex’s trust back if you want to get him back.  Your best solution is to just not cheat at all.
Another reason a man is likely to leave you is because something changed.  When you started dating you did things or said things to your boyfriend that made him feel appreciated, admired and loved.  It’s possible you stopped making him feel that way.  Your relationship will start to slowly melt away until there’s nothing left to keep you and your love together.  A man is happiest when he is making his loved one happy.  If he feels like he can no longer make you happy, he is going to feel like a failure and that it’s necessary for him to move on so you can have a chance to be with someone that can make you happy.

A third reason you suddenly find yourself alone and wondering what went wrong is if you started to become domineering.  Most men like an independent woman.  Independent, however, doesn’t mean controlling.  Independent doesn’t mean in charge.  A relationship requires standing side by side with your boyfriend with neither of you being in charge of everything.  Decisions should be made mutually and if there is any disagreement, it should be discussed immediately so nothing festers and ruins the relationship.

If you’ve made any of these mistakes it’s possible to get your ex back.  Often it just takes humility to admitting you may be the party in the wrong, but if you want to get your ex back, work hard to gain back his trust and show him you’ve changed—if you want to change.  For more resource check out http://www.themagicofmakingup.com

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