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Miracle Cures for the Broken Heart - Separation and Activity

Finally, don’t let emotions control you. You’re going to feel lonely but you can combat it. You’re going to get depressed—which is natural—but it doesn’t have to consume you.
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We’ve all felt heartache before for various reasons.  The pain that comes from a breakup with someone you know you want to be with could possibly be one of the greatest heartaches a person goes through.  However, you can make it through this breakup and may even be able to come back on top and get your ex back.

Though it makes little sense, this first piece of advice is the wisest.  You need to take some time away from your ex.  If what it takes to get you to tear yourself away from constantly being around or contacting your ex is a trip to Europe, then perhaps you should book a flight now.  When you keep in touch with your ex, you’re not giving either of you a fair chance to recover from the bad emotions and circumstances that got you to the point of breaking up.

Is there a book you’ve been longing to read?  A movie you’ve wanted to see?  A hobby you dropped when you stopped having as much time?  Pick up that book, go see that movie, start participating with that hobby.  These and many more activities are going to keep you sane and feeling better when you’re hurt.  You’ll be able to surround yourself with people, which will dampen your feeling of loneliness, which could lead to other break up blunders.

Finally, don’t let emotions control you.  You’re going to feel lonely but you can combat it.  You’re going to get depressed—which is natural—but it doesn’t have to consume you.  You still have a life to live and the most important thing is to live it.  Who knows, you might get your ex back just by living. More tips here: http://www.themagicofmakingup.com

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