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Top 5 Bad Ideas That Won’t Win You Your Ex Back

There are mistakes people make after a breakup..If you know them before this happens to you you will at least know a little of what you’re going to have to face..
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A breakup is like being splashed in the face with cold water.  Sometimes it can be refreshing, but most likely; it’s a shock and rather disorienting.  Another common result of a breakup is that the world stops making sense and all you can think about is how to get your ex back.  Sadly, the current of emotions we feel during a breakup cause us to be irrational beings that make several errors as we try to get back our exes.  Fortunately, knowing about these possible slip-ups beforehand helps astronomically in avoiding making them when your time comes.

Keeping or trying to keep too close to your ex after a breakup is always a bad idea because there are generally bad emotions floating around both of you.  Not to mention, you each need a chance to heal on a personal level before you can heal on a relationship level.

Calling your ex in a desperate attempt to convince him to take you back is also a bad idea.  One, you’re likely a little tipsy and two, you’re likely not really sure what you want to say and will only further embarrass yourself.  This is often referred to as “drunk dialing” because your inhibition is gone when you’re overcome and clouded by emotions and a little alcohol.

Constant harassment of texts, emails and voicemails will definitely fall under the category of a bad idea.  Not only might this creep your ex out, you’re likely to make him want to avoid you even more.  This is a mistake often referred as “text message terrorism” and your ex will certainly see this as an act of terrorism and annoyance.

Depression becoming your only outlook will never allow you to ring the bell of victory. You can feel your emotions but don’t let them ruin your life.  You have to keep living after a breakup, otherwise there’s nothing for your ex to go back to.

Thinking your ex is the one that needs to change.  Sure, if he broke up with you he obviously needs to change back to love you again, right?  Wrong.  You need to be the one to change, not for your ex, but because of the relationship you want to make work.  A working relationship takes sacrifices from both parties; however, your ex isn’t going to want to risk making changes when you aren’t willing to do so.  If you want to initiate a reunion, you have to start the changes.

These are the five most common mistakes people make after a breakup.  If you know them before this happens to you (and we all hope it never will happen to us) you will at least know a little of what you’re going to have to face and how to combat it.  Here are some helpful resources you won't want to miss at http://www.breakupcures.com/GetExBack.php

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