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5 Ways to Heal After a Breakup and Get Your Ex Back

It’s understandable to feel that a breakup was a mistake and now you want your ex back.
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It’s understandable to feel that a breakup was a mistake and now you want your ex back. However, not all circumstances are in your hands especially if he broke up with you.  You’re going to have lapses in motivation, struggles with depression and the desire to plead with your ex until he just takes you back.  These are not ways to get your ex back.  The following are five tips that will help you get your ex back.

First, distance yourself from your ex.  Take about a month to mend, think, put yourself in order and make a plan to get your ex back.  Time is your friend in this situation because it’s likely your ex needs to heal, too.  If you’re more focused on healing yourself than trying to make your ex feel better in hopes that he’ll take you back, you’re going to look better for your ex when you do get back in touch.

Second, accept your feelings, but don’t let them become your life.  The only way to pull through this breakup is to feel your emotions and eventually let them go.  Don’t hold them in.  This is both detrimental to you and your chances of getting back your ex.  Turn the lonely and hurt feelings into motivation for moving on or even getting back in shape.

Third, make some necessary changes for yourself.  Likely you’re thinking that your ex is the one that needs to change—his mind, at least—but change for you will be good, too.  In fact, you’re going to need to make changes sooner than your ex because your changes are going to be a motivation for your ex to change as well.  Your ex already feels done, so if you want to prove to him that there’s still a chance that things will work out for you two, make the necessary changes to impress your ex, but most importantly, impress yourself.

Fourth, keep caring for yourself.  When you let yourself go, you’re letting go of any hope that your ex is going to want you back.  He’s not going to want to have to pick you up and take care of you.  He has his own issues to work out and adding the role of caretaker to you is very likely to turn him away from you even faster.

Fifth, make a plan of action.  Taking your own initiative is both good and bad.  If you just have the determination to get your ex back but you don’t have a plan, you’re likely to fail.  If you have the determination to get your ex back and you have a plan of action, go for it. If you’re unsure how to make a plan, get some help but don’t just go in without a plan. Here are some helpful resources you won't want to miss at http://www.breakupcures.com/GetExBack.php

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